An online resource for all car, moto and auto freaks, looking for custom cars, custom car parts, car mods, car DIYs, and just to either show off their own rides, or to see what is showcased by the different car scenes. In short, my passion, online.

We only focus on our niche target audience and our passion, nothing else. This allows us to produce raw, real, and entertaining content that speaks directly to our auto- and moto- mad audience. We are builing our brand on driven perserverenace, trying to achieve what others said we can't. Our services are diverse, with one thing in common - custom auto.

On-Road and Off-Road, our passion covers both.

Currently only a one-man show, dreamt up and created by AJ Deysel. There are from time to time outside contributors, as my bootstrapped funding and haggle transactions allow. The ultimate goal is to become much more than a brand. A community, an entire subculture fueled on the shared passion of driving, either fast, rough or both. Building and modifying, learning and customising all things with motors. We don’t just create our content. We live for this sh!t.

We actually, really connect with our fans. Why Because we are one of them and they are part of us. Our is genuine, and may not always be as polished as we would like, but stick around, it only gets better.


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